Most popular swimming styles


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The butterfly stroke has a special place among the competitive swimming strokes. It has a reputation of being hard to learn. It is quickly exhausting. Yet when you have mastered this stroke, swimming a few lengths of butterfly can be a lot of fun because of its distinct and spectacular movements.

The peak speed of the butterfly is faster than that of the front crawl, due to the synchronous pull/push with both arms. Yet since speed drops significantly during the recovery phase, it is overall slightly slower than front crawl.

The breaststroke, backstroke, and front crawl can all be swum easily even if the swimmer’s technique is flawed. The butterfly, however, is unforgiving of mistakes in style; it is very difficult to overcome a poor butterfly technique with brute strength. Many swimmers and coaches consider it the most difficult swimming style. The main difficulty for beginners is the synchronous over-water recovery, especially when combined with breathing, since both arms, the head, shoulders and part of the chest have to be lifted out of the water for these tasks. Once efficient technique has been developed, it becomes a smooth, fast stroke.

The butterfly technique with the dolphin kick consists of synchronous arm movement with a synchronous leg kick.?Good technique is crucial to swim this style effectively. The wave-like body movement is also very significant, as this is the key to easy synchronous over-water recovery and breathing.


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