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The sidestroke is a swim stroke swum on the sides. It is not used in competitions and therefore less known nowadays. Because it is swum on the side and uses asymmetrical movements of the limbs, it can look peculiar the first time you see it. Nevertheless it can add some variety to your swim sessions.

In performing this stroke, the swimmer starts upon his right side, and sweeps his right hand through the water as above mentioned. While that arm is passing through the water, the left arm is swung just above the surface with a bold sweep, the hand dipping into the water when the arm is stretched to it utmost. This movement brings the body over to the left side when the two hands change duties, the left being swept under the body while the right is swung forward.

The Sidestroke allows the head to be above water at all times .?This stroke also makes it a favorite for women who’s hair prefer not to get it wet. Because the Sidestroke may be swum on either side of the body it’s not as intimidating as lying on one’s back or swimming face down in a big pool. As far as breathing goes, there’s no contest between swimming the Sidestroke and any other swim stroke. Swimmers may take a breath any time they please–no pesky coordination with the arms, legs or other body parts to think about.

The Sidestroke kick is quite different, as well as the arm stroke, and of course, both must be coordinated in order to maintain continuous forward momentum. Aside from the leg and arm dynamics you are probably wondering why the Sidestroke isn’t taught first. For one thing, it’s a matter of safety. An easy swim stroke encourages beginners to take chances such as swimming for too long a time or going into deep water. Those who are taught gradually and become used to having their faces and bodies moving in and under water, would be less likely to become panicked if an unforeseen emergency should occur. A swimmer who has never had any previous swimming skills except for the Sidestroke, may not know what to do under such circumstances and could become traumatized.


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