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Is Swimming Good For Kids?

Swimming is promising physical activity for kids because of its considerable health benefits. During hot days, this exercise is a good way to relieve heat but still be able engage in physical and social activities. Even in winter, kids may enjoy swimming in indoor pools. In short, swimming is something that children can do throughout the year. However, more importantly, this activity is an effective means of working out the body.

Swimming is considered the second leading cause of death in people between 5–24. Thus, when kids learn how to swim, they not only develop their physical bodies but also gain experience in staying in water. As a result, they become less prone to water-related dangers, such as drowning.

In case of fitness, swimming improves heart and lung health, strength and flexibility, and balance and posture and increases body stamina. Kids who swim are also less prone to developing obesity and thus, are also at lower risk of developing juvenile diabetes. In addition, people experience less strain on joints and connective tissues when they swim.

Aside from physical benefits, swimming also benefits mental and emotional health. People feel more relax in water because of its natural buoyancy. According to CDC, people are can exercise longer while swimming. In addition, swimming aids in alleviating mood problems and battling combat depression.

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