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Swimming To Lose Weight

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People can think a number of exercises or diets when asked about weight loss practices, but swimming is not the first thing that always first comes to their minds. Yet, it seems that people who are aiming to lose weight should consider swimming because of it aids in burning more calories, improves metabolism, and tones body muscles.

The health benefits of swimming on weight loss are supported by related evidence. For example, the superstar Natalie Coughlin possesses sexy and well-toned body. Scientifically, research have shown that fitness swimmers belonging to any age group had leaner muscles and trimmer waists and hips.

Swimming also does not require too much equipment as people will only need swimsuit, cap, and googles.

Positive effects of swimming on the body can be attributed to its contributions on burning calories and firming muscles. People can burn around 500 calories an hour with just an easy swim, whereas more intense laps can burn up to 700 calories. Water is 800 times denser than air. Thus, when people perform swimming movements in water, the body experiences resistance, which serves as its workout. The effects of swimming are most notable in core, hips, arms, shoulders, and glutes. Thus, aside from burning calories, swimming aids people to build leaner muscles and improves metabolism resulting in additional burning of calories.

Though swimming can be considered an intense workout, it provides the joints time to rest as the body becomes weightless in water. Thus, people need not to worry about suffering from injuries even when they swim everyday. This is a huge advantage compared with other forms of exercise including running or strength training.

Thus, people have the choice to go swimming no matter what their age is. In fact, swimming can aid in helping them look younger. Moreover, studies have also shown that habitual swimmers basically look younger than their actual age. And aside from looks, the blood pressure, cardiovascular performance, cholesterol levels, cognitive functioning, and central nervous system of swimmers can be also compared with those of younger individuals.

Newbies think that swimming is an easy task. However, though they plan to swim for longer periods, after just a few minutes, they are already exhausted and almost ready to give up.

Swimming is not just an activity. It requires intense trainings that affect the cardiovascular system and muscles differently when people are on land. For example, lungs should adjust given the different manner of breathing employed when swimming. Moreover, compared with other physical workouts, people cannot just take in air while swimming. Likewise, swimming requires coordination of all muscles in the body to keep moving in the water while remaining afloat.

To get the hang of swimming, people must manage to engage in effective swimming routine and split it into shorter segments for starters. Afterward, they can add other swimming exercises and rest intervals and also learn about different strokes, drills, and intensities. Swimmers also need to worry whether time gets wasted when they decided to take a rest as after swimming, heart rate remains raised for at least 30 s after a few laps.

For those who are new to swimming, they should try swimming four lengths of the pool before resting for 30 seconds. Then, they should repeat the routine for five to ten times. Afterward, people can swim again twice or thrice a week for two weeks. Those who have not swim for a while may use a kickboard for the first four lengths. Then, as soon as they become accustomed to swimming again, they may proceed with trying other routines.

Swimming can also be more fun by learning different strokes. Freestyle is more popular than the others because it allows swimmers to burn major calories. However, combination of different strokes is perfect in balancing muscles and preventing boredom. For example, backstroke can be used to improve posture, whereas breaststroke enables exercising of hip and inner-thigh muscles.

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